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What I exactly feel.

What I exactly feel.

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Getting to know Ilocos Norte.

Went for a photowalk at Laoag City Capitol before we grab our merienda¬†and go straight to “Malacanang of the North”.

It was like 3:00pm when I did this. Sure it was hot, but what made me stand the extreme heat aside from the beauty and cleanliness of Laoag is the fresh air that is almost free from air and noise pollution.

Ilocos Norte Capitol

I love how Ilocanos love their city; just observe how garbage free these places are.

In front of the capitol, men we’re quite busy putting up this float that won at a cultural contest in Manila.

Marcos Hall of Justice

The Tobacco Monopoly and The Sinking Bell tower (from left to right).

As I end my photowalk that day, I just felt so happy because I was still able to see  such beautiful place preserved by love, effort, and care after all the years that it has been through.

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Impeachment Trial: This is history in the making, people. And we’re a part of it mainly because we’re Filipinos.

Let’s hold on to this: God never sleeps and doesn’t play dice with the universe either.

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." -John 8:32

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